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St. John’s Prep School Career Day

Chris Pia SJP ’84 spoke with Admissions Director Ronnie Loehle and a stdent about his Career as a Hedge Fund Manager.

Chris Pia 2011 Year End News

Chris Pia, commodities trader, currently maintains his focus on metals. Back in March, Chris made the prediction that gold would hit $1,900 per ounce by September of 2011. His prediction turned out to be absolutely correct. This type of foresight is exactly why Pia is fast becoming the go-to in commodities trading for gold.

Chris Pia launched his own fund and currently maintains a focus on metals. Pia is in active planning for the new year and intends to scale back on some of the trading in equities, and focus more in depth on his full-on return to commodities. Pia’s imposing track record showing a lock in at 17%, along with having never experienced a down year is supplying the momentum he will need to break into increasingly impressive stock picks.

Summary from article including info about Chris Pia on CNN Money

The DeRosa Foundation

Chris Pia supports The DeRosa Foundation. The DeRosa Foundation has an intense focus on raising awareness and promoting research on Colon Cancer to help make scientific advancements for its prevention and early treatment.

According to statistics on colon cancer, this form of the disease is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. The only cancer that takes more lives is cancer of the lungs. Although the number of deaths from colon cancer are decreasing, the number of people diagnosed remains steady. This cancer found more often in men than women has a median age for diagnosis at 71 years of age.

 Colon Cancer Survival Rates

Statistical information on Colon Cancer survival rates are estimated by the specific percentage of people who survive for a set time period after their initial diagnosis. This estimation is considered regardless of symptoms involved or treatment received. However, some of the specific details can make calculating the length of survival more difficult. A five year survival rate occurs at the rate of 64.1%.

Colon Cancer Impact

  • 19% of cases are diagnosed after the colon cancer has already metastasized.
  • 37% of cases are diagnosed after the disease has already spread to the lymph nodes, making it harder to treat.
  • 5% of cases could not pinpoint staging information.

Based on rates studied in 2003, over 5% of women and men born today will eventually be diagnosed with colon cancer at some point in their lives. Please join Chris Pia in the fight against the second deadliest cancer in the United States.

Christopher Pia attends Friends of Legion Gala

Friends of the Legion Benefit Gala, took place on Saturday evening, October 22nd, 2011. There was a great deal of excitement surrounding this year’s event for a number of reasons. They honored Stephen and Evelyn Auth. Steve is the Chief Investment Officer of Global Equity and Asset Allocation and Executive Vice President at Federated Investors, Inc. As a couple, they are a wonderful testimony of marital love, friendship, and service to the Church.

Christopher Pia purchased the Mary by  David Banegas. The artwork was done for the Gala and 50% of the proceeds went to Legion of Christ.

Christopher Pia, CEO of Pia Capital Management has been a long time supporter of Legion of Christ. Additionally, Mr. Pia attended the event to show support for the Lumen Institute.

The Gala Honored Steven Auth:

“The Lumen Institute seeks to help business leaders grow in virtue, and particularly in the core values of faith, character, and leadership,” said Steve. “The goal is to help leaders make the world a better place through the people they touch in their homes, their social circles, and their businesses.”

St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital

Chris Pia fully supports the efforts of St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital. St. Mary’s is a Healthcare system for children  with special medical needs. St. Mary’s is only one of many organizations around our nation that is fully dedicated to helping to provide specialized care, education, and intense rehabilitation to those kids who have life-limiting conditions or other special needs medical issues.

The medical staff at St. Mary’s has long been attributed to what seems like absolute miracles such as the story of John Henry, a child who was caught in an armed robberies cross-fire and told he would never walk again. Brought to St. Mary’s for some physically intense rehabilitation, John Henry was not able to move many muscles in his traumatized body. He could not even open his mouth. After spending five months in St. Mary’s post-acute pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury program in New York, John Henry walked out of the hospital on his own two feet.

If you are looking for a charity to support, consider joining Pia in his efforts to help provide care for one of the nearly four thousand children per day living throughout the New York metro area. When one of every five children in the United States has a unique healthcare need, and so many high-quality medical professionals dedicating their lives to providing a quality of life for children suffering needlessly from injury and illness, Christopher Pia felt he could do no less than offer his support to this noble and worthy cause. Supporting St. Mary’s means you are supporting a standard of excellence for pediatric healthcare.

Donators can make tax-deductible donations to St. Mary’s kids by heading to their secure donation page and making a contribution they can afford. Every dollar counts when some of the procedures come with phenomenal costs and use of resources.

St. Mary’s current campaign includes the desire to modernize St. Mary’s existing building to meet the constantly increasing need for post-acute care as well as building a new patient pavilion. Donations are also currently going to sustain services and programs that provide children with unique medical issues to live a higher quality of life.


St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s on Facebook

Donate to St. Mary’s

The Lumen Institute

Chris Pia is a firm supporter of The Lumen Institute of Manhattan. This organization is famous for its ability to provide highly personalized formation to those in leadership positions.

What is Formation?

Formation is the process of training, educating, and guiding leaders in an inherent way. Formation practices four forms of guidance. Intellectual Formation, or the leaders grasps on reason and revelation. Spiritual Formation, the rearing of the soul. Human formation, pertaining to character development, and Apostolic Formation, sharing your talents in service of others.

Members of Lumen seek to form and strengthen its members through the exercise of sound character, spiritual drive or faith, and skills in leadership. The overall goal of each member of Lumen is to understand what is truly best for you by learning to form habits of truth, goodness, beauty, and unity.

Lumen’s Highly Personalized Program

Lumen understands that every leader is subject to different levels of burden and responsibility. Lumen provides those high impact individuals with the correlating attention in relation to their own personal leadership responsibilities.

Highly personalized formation is achieved in a myriad of methods.

  1. Lumen members have the opportunity to communicate leadership concerns with fellow members in order to seek counsel and knowledge.
  2. Lumen members can have one-on-one meetings with a Lumen Chaplain to discuss issues currently challenging their character or ability to lead in any aspect of their life.
  3. Lumen members are encouraged to participate in one of many available group discussions.

For those not currently a member of Lumen, there are quarterly Lumen Leadership Speaker Series available that are open to anyone interested in  learning more about the Lumen Institute.

Contact the Lumen Institute. of Facebook Chris Pia

Chris Pia Supports the Magdala Center in Jerusalem

Chris Pia is a very large supporter of the Magdala Center in Jerusalem. He can be seen in the center of this photo with the Shroud of Turin as the backdrop and Father Eamon Kelly of the Church of Notre Dame, on the right, along with a legionary seminarian, on the left. Chris Pia has long been a supporter of the Magdala Center located in the city of Magdala, where Mary of Magdala was born.

About Father Eamon and the Magdala Center


Father Eamon Kelly was recently featured on Ave Maria Radio on July 21, 2011. The following day, celebrated as the feast day of Mary Magdalene, had Father Eamon sharing some of his insights on why Mary Magdalene is an example worth imitating.

He also gave an update on the progress of the Magdala Project, the multimedia center and hotel for visiting pilgrims that is currently under construction on the ancient town site of Magdala.

The Magdala Center

A completed Magdala Center will be located on a 20.5 acre plot of land, overlooking the Sea of Galilee, in the city of Magdala. The center will provide various points of focus for encouraging pilgrims to grow in their own personal spiritual life.

  • Pilgrims will be able to attend a new Basilica of St Mary Magdalene
  • Helping to envision a life in the time of Jesus and hear his message through dynamic sensory mediums, the Magdala Walk with Me Media Center, will increase the spiritual growth of many pilgrims.
  • The Notre Dame of Galilee Hotel will have the capacity for 300 guests
  • Access to the ruins of ancient Magdala, currently under the care of the Franciscan friars and archeologists in the area.

The Magdala Center strives to recognize and answer the needs of over 2.5 million Christian pilgrims who make their way to the Holy Land each year. Over seventy percent of those visitors also visit Galilee. The Magdala Center offers a place for cultural enrichment, a peaceful place for prayer, and information about the land and its history.


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